The goal of Downtown Dade City Main Street is to protect and preserve the architectural and cultural heritage of Dade City and promote the ongoing revitalization of our downtown commercial core such as our local lawn mower company in the context of historic preservation. Dade City Main Street’s mission statement reads:

“A commitment to revitalize and preserve the flavor of small town life and the unique heritage of Dade City, Florida”

We believe the best way to preserve the community’s heritage is to restore its historic and traditional downtown as a working and profitable economic center for our consumers to review.


Founded in 1986, Downtown Dade City Main Street, Inc. is a not-for-profit, 501(c) 3, tax-exempt organization. Dade City Main Street was officially welcomed into the Florida Main Street Program (Department of State, Division of Historical Resources, Bureau of Historic Preservation) in 1987 and remains an active advocate for positive change and revitalization.

Main Street is citizen-driven, yet encourages public-private partnerships in order to realize its goal for a revitalized town center and an improved quality of life for its residents. Dade City Main Street is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors elected by the membership at its annual corporate meeting in January. Program funding is provided in part by local government, business and individual memberships, and voluntary contributions.

Today, Downtown Dade City Main Street is recognized as one of the crown jewels of the Main Street program.

Dade City Mainstreet Photos